• Folk Dance Club for Fans

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There is a magic that has kept the ancient spirit of our lands and has preserved us as a nation during the turbulent days of our thousand-years history. This magic, the magic of the Bulgarian folklore, is still alive today. Here and now, in the memory of the Bulgarians are thriving songs and dances, rituals and customs, entwined in one, and passed on from generation to generation. People impart their souls in their songs and dances as it is said; Bulgarians, though, have bestowed their hearts in the dance! Our present – of high technologies, of intense work and sedentary mode of life, - drags us in its dynamics and the spare time we can enjoy ourselves and feel genuinely alive is getting less, and less. In our Folk Dance Club there are gathered together hand in hand people of different age, with different professions and interests, sharing love to Bulgaria and the willingness to immerse in the magic of the folklore. With us, through the rhythm, you will have the chance to enrich your culture, but also to leave behind the everyday stress, to find new friends and to recharge with positive energy and emotions!

Welcome, dance with us! The club is open on Sundays (during school terms) from 12.30 till 15.00, at the First Bulgarian School “ABV”, Amsterdam, Jan van Eijckstraat 47.